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What kind of information can I receive from Vigilance Santé?

Manage your subscriptions to our different communications: technical bulletins, web alerts and news from Vigilance Santé

Here is a description of the subscription types to help you choose those that are relevant to you.

News from Vigilance Santé

This type of subscription is intended for all our customers, from users to programmers. Subscribe if you would like to receive news about our products and services, user tips and tricks, as well as useful technical information.

Technical Bulletin - Web and Windows

This type of subscription is intended primarily for technicians and integrators. It allows you to receive the monthly technical bulletin about changes and updates to our Web and Windows products. It is strongly recommended that at least one member of your technical team subscribes to it.

Web alerts

Intended primarily for technicians and integrators, this type of subscription allows you to be immediately informed if a problem arises with our servers or our web applications.

If you have a web licence for any of our products (purchased from the Online Store), it is important that you subscribe to this email.