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How can I re-subscribe to communications from Vigilance Santé?

Manage your subscriptions to our different communications: technical bulletins, Web alerts and news from Vigilance Santé

You opted out of one of our emails and would like to receive it again?

The easiest way is to do this is to first find an email that you have received from Vigilance Santé and click on the Manage my subscriptions link in the footer.

If you have deleted all emails from Vigilance Santé, you will need to submit the email address you used to subscribe using this form.

At this point, two scenarios are possible:

1. You have opted out of ALL our emails

When you opt out of all our emails, we cannot send you ANY message and our team can’t renew your subscription on your behalf.

You will need to update your subscription preferences to receive them again, using this Form.

You will need to click on the blue link to receive an email allowing you to access your subscription preferences management page.

CAUTION: do not click on the Submit button, but on the link.

2.  You still have active subscriptions

In the form, you won't see the blue link if you still have active subscriptions to our communications. You'll be able to click the Submit button and receive a link to access your subscription preferences management page.


Don't forget to add info@vigilance.ca to your known senders to prevent communications from ending up in your spam emails.